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Are you a lab with a wastewater treatment plant? Or a lab testing for water quality of recreational water? Or trying to ensure that our drinking water supply is safe? Or you are in pharmaceutical, or food and beverage industry, trying to ensure that you have good water supply? Or looking for a quicker, easier, and sensitive method to detect E. coli and total coliform? Are you looking to differentiate E. coli O157?

You have come to the right place. Hundreds of labs and municipalities across the nation now rely on some of the solutions offered on our site - convenient, low-cost, prepared agar media plates that saves time and gives consistent reproducible results. Complete satisfaction guaranteed.

We feature products from Aquacheck Laboratories:

Prepared Agar Media Plates

Prepared Agar Media Plates for E. coli, coliform and Enterococci testing (by Aquacheck Laboratory and Hardy Diagnostics) are sterile, pre-made media plates. They save time and makes testing for E coli, coliform, and Enterococci as per the EPA method, very easy and convenient.

The plates are shipped with full QC documentaion, MSDS sheets and are approved as per EPA testing and comes with complete satisfaction guarantee.

Modified mTEC Plates (for E. coli as per EPA 1603)
mFC Plates (for Fecal Coliform)
mEI Plates (for enterococci as per EPA 1600)
mTEC Plates (largely replaced by Modified mTEC tests)

Aquaplates™ Modified m-TEC Agar Media Plates (for modified Membrane Thermotolerant E. coli)
This process of counting E coli presence is a one-step process and is a significant improvement over the m-TEC Process and is in accordance with US EPA approved method 1603.

Media plates makes this process even simpler by eliminating the hassle of dissolving and preparing agar gel with chromogen indicator and is a big time saver and very economical.

Your plates come all prepared and sealed in a plastic tube with expiration date clearly stamped on each plate. No need to buy plates with pads. With modified m-TEC all you do is filter the sample, incubate, and read the results after 24 hrs! No lights, substrates, or messy vials. Thanks to improved chromogen system in modified m-TEC, all E. coli colonies appear red or magenta in color that are very easy to see, count, and record. No other steps are necessary! Now culturing and recognizing E. coli colonies is child's play!

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Aquaplates™ m-FC Agar Media Plates (for Membrane Fecal Coliform)
m-FC agar media plates are prepared media plates with everything added. Just place your filter, incubate at 44.5 degrees C for 24 hours and then count dark blue colonies.

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Aquaplates™ m-EI Agar Media Plates (for Membrane Enterococci)
This method is for determination of Enterococci bacteria in water as per EPA method 1600 and suitable for fresh and marine water in swimming areas, and also for potable, fresh, esturine, marine and shellfish growing waters.

The prepared media plates provide the convenience of a ready made agar gel in a sterile petri dish and speeds up the test. The filter paper with the colony is laid over the gel, incubated for 24 hours at 41 degrees C, and the colonies with a blue halo are counted.

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Aquaplates™ m-TEC Agar Media Plates (for conventional Membrane Thermotolerant E coli)
This is an earlier two-step process in which the filer membrane is first placed on prepared agar plates, incubated as in the modified process but then after 24 hours, is transferred over pads saturated with urea and phenol red solutions. Presence of E coli is indicated by yellow to brown color in about 15-20 minutes. Note that most people now prefer a simpler one-step Modified m-TEC agar plates featured here.

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